Unitex outlets are the sole distributor of Unidress products. Unidress is specialized in tailor-made uniforms for hospitals and other medical facilities. Since its establishment in 1982, the factory has grown and achieved remarkable success powered by the finest Egyptian cotton, the best designs, and superior technical expertise. In 2002 unitex company opened it’s first store located in Kasr El Einy offering a whole new concepts of medical uniforms. We introduced the first colored and multi colored scrubs in Egypt. In cooperation with Unidress factory we managed to plant a production line specialized for women. In 2004 Unitex launched it’s 2nd store in Ein Shams to help achieve our clients needs. Unitex also began achieving a global presence and has exported to clients in the Scandinavian countries, United States, Middle East, and Africa.



Our mission is to provide leadership and vision to our customers and to create high quality products to enable them to maintain their brand image.


Exceed our clients expectations by offering a superior quality and trendy uniforms to enable them to look fashionable while working in comfort.


One of our main objective is to commit helping our customers to deliver the very best patient care possible. Always introducing new fashionable uniforms